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I should probably introduce myself first. I’m Laura and I’ve been a Secondary School Maths Teacher for 5 years. I trained in grammar schools in Essex and I’ve now moved to Cheshire to start a new chapter in my life. I’ve been tutoring throughout my time as a professional teacher and I’m now ready to make the leap into tutoring Maths full time. Classroom teaching is dynamic, and fun but there is no comparison to the leaps in understanding that you can achieve with a small group or in a one to one.

My aim at Laura Does Maths is to provide excellent quality online Maths tutoring. My one to one sessions are tailored to each student and can be on any topic needed. Sometimes these sessions are used to boost understanding of topics the student has covered or support a student with topics that have been missed at school. They can also be used to stretch and challenge and provide extension materials to really boost the students understanding.

For some parents – one to one sessions are not an affordable option and they also do not suit all students. I also run small online group classes. Currently due to the situation with Covid-19 these are sessions designed to bridge the gap from GCSE to A-level for Year 11’s who don’t want to leave a gap in their studies, and A-level examples classes for Year 12 students who are struggling without the classroom environment. I plan to introduce KS3 classes soon – if you would like to register your interest email enquiries@laura-does-maths.co.uk.

Why choose me?

I get it! There are a lot of maths tutors out there, why trust me with your child’s education?

👩🏻‍🏫 Grammar school trained with 5 years grammar school classroom experience – I trained in an Essex Grammar school in 2015 and have qualified teacher status as well as a PGCE. Since my training I have worked in two grammar schools and have supported students to achieve the very highest in their Maths.

👩🏻‍🏫 Friendly and relaxed manner – in all of my professional observations I have always scored highly on the relationships I build with my students and the atmosphere in my classroom. I am a big advocate of Building Learning Power and Growth Mindset and use these tools combined with my bubbly personality to encourage students to become confident with their Maths, own their mistakes, and develop resilience in order to move past them.

👩🏻‍🏫 Proven mathematical ability – I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2011 with a BSc Mathematics – first class. I specialised in pure mathematics and mathematical education in my third year and have continued my love of learning new mathematics ever since.

👩🏻‍🏫 Life experience – Okay so this one sounds a bit wishy washy, stay with me! I am not one of those people that has ever felt particularly gifted at Mathematics. There might even have been a time when I didn’t enjoy Maths! I am a firm believer that in Mathematics, no matter what your ability, you will always come to a point where you are stuck, mind bendingly stuck. At that point as you work through the content your understanding shifts dramatically and you find yourself able to work at a completely new level. I have at least four occasions that I can remember where I have been in that situation, I know you can move past it because I have and I can take my experience and help students move forward in the same way.  

I hope that helped you get an idea of who I am and what I intend to offer with Laura Does Maths. If you’d like any more information about any of our courses or 1:1 sessions then please do get in contact.

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