The Online Classroom

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I’m proud to have one of the best virtual learning environments out there. My system uses a combination of Learning Management Systems which allow you to access course content in your own time, review previous lessons and track your progress. This system integrates with my Virtual Classroom software which provides one of the best online learning experiences possible. Not only can you have two-way video chats, there is also private messaging, break-out rooms for groups sessions, full interactive whiteboard that you can have access to in order to show your working, plus many more features. 

All sessions can be recorded and reviewed at any time to help you with your learning. 

Because all of the software has been custom built for me, I can guarantee that all of your private information is not shared with any third party applications or companies. All your data is stored on my own private servers that only I have access to. I will never sell your information or share it in any other way. I take privacy very seriously as you can see, and so if you do have any queries at all about how I store and use your data, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.