Preparation for A-Level Maths

A-Level Maths has a bit of a reputation as ‘the difficult’ A-level. It demands a high level of independent study as well as resilience from learners. The leap from GCSE to A-level is quite rightly a challenge, but we are seeing our year 11’s struggle more and more, as gaps in their learning and understanding due to the pandemic are brought into sharp focus.

Preparation for A-Level Maths is a 6-lesson group course that will run in the last two weeks of the summer holidays (16th – 26th of August). Designed and delivered by a UK qualified Maths Teacher, this course will reinforce and extend higher level GCSE topics that are critical for success at A-Level as well as introduce some exciting new content.

When progressing to A-level it is crucial that learners develop the skills and confidence to study independently and effectively make use of the resources around them. For many of them this will be the first time they’ve sat in a Maths lesson and been unsure of the content. Each preparation session is structured around embracing a new level of challenge and actively guides students through ways to develop their independent learning and resilience.

Each lesson provides a video on expected prior knowledge, an interactive live lesson, and an assessment. Students can submit their work after each session and receive feedback. All students also have access to ‘Lesson Zero’ content which covers essential study skills for A-level and introduces a wealth of free resources they can use throughout the next two years.

Early Bird Price – booked before 1st of August – £15 per lesson (£90 for the course). When booked after 1st August full price is £25 per lesson (£150 for the course).

Preparation for A-level Registration Form

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Topic List

  1. Techniques for Solving Quadratic Equations
  2. Problem Solving with Co-ordinate Geometry
  3. Graph Sketching to Aid Problem Solving
  4. Advanced Trigonometry  (Solving Basic Trigonometric Equations)
  5. Solving Index Equations
  6. Introducing Logarithms