Private Online Maths Tuition

Working with a student one to one allows me to offer support that is bespoke to each student. We are able to drill down into each topic and fully explore any misconceptions and knowledge gaps. One to one tuition can support work covered in class, extend content to provide challenge for the most able, or cover topics missed due to absence or illness. 

What you can expect from one to one sessions with Laura Does Maths:

  • Calm, supportive guidance which will focus on the students’ own needs. 
  • Flexible structure – my sessions focus on the student voice. I am constantly assessing which areas they need support on and often the students request particular topics, extra practice or let me know when they are confident to move on.
  • Builds resilience and independence – I am a big advocate of growth mindset and building learning power. Embedded into every lesson is a focus on rewarding effort and corrections, encouraging challenge seeking and developing techniques to cope with difficult problems. 
  • Passionate tuition from a teacher who truly loves her subject. We’ll discuss why methods work, not just how to solve questions. 

I offer a free 30 minute consultation to each enquiry. In this time we talk through the online classroom and discuss what the student feels are the areas they would most like help with. This helps establish if I am the right person to support your child and at no point are you under any obligation to book lessons.

Prices start from £37.50 per hour. Please enquire for more details.

Julia Blandford